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Energy Booster: Anytime you’re feeling low on energy, the aroma from Peppermint Oil can uplift your mood and your energy.
Soothing Relief: The cooling properties of Peppermint Oil makes it a great home remedy for any itching or redness. It reduces any inflammation while numbing and reducing the itchiness. Because of its soothing and cooling effects, Peppermint Oil can help provide relief from stress or tension felt in specific parts of the body.
Hair Care: Peppermint leaves a clean, fresh, tingly sensation to the scalp because of its cooling effects. It also naturally improves the thickness of the hair and nourish any damaged hair. It helps to stimulate the scalp and improve circulation around the scalp. Because of its antiseptic properties, Peppermint Oil helps clean the scalp from any buildup in the hair.


Blends Well With
 Bergamot, Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon, Lime, Pine, Rosemary and Spearmint.


GET THE TASK DONE: Focus on completing a task despite the distractions. Peppermint Essential Oil improves attention span, memory and retention so you can finish any tasks given.
BREATHE BETTER WITH PEPPERMINT SCENT: The invigorating cool minty scent of essential oil peppermint can help soothe nasal passages to open them up for better breathing.
SCRATCH NO MORE: Dry or dirty scalp causes itching. Mint Oil can improve hair and scalp health by providing an anti-itch relief to keep a clean environment for your hair.
A NEW ADDITION TO YOUR PERSONAL CARE: Peppermint helps promote a healthy and safe renewal of the skin. It calms and softens the skin for relief. Because of this, Peppermint closes the pores for tighter, firmer skin.